Swarovski® and Johens®

Swarovski® Round (Flat Back) DTL CLEAR

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Swarovski® Crystals DTL CLEAR Rhinestones with JOHENS® jar 

Color: Diamond Touch Light (DTL) CLEAR

Shape: Round / Flat Back

Type: XILION Rose / Foiled

Contain: 72 pcs. Swarovski® CLEAR Crystals in bag + JOHENS® Exclusive jar for storage

Sizes: SS03, SS06, SS07, SS09 and SS12 

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Made in Austria

Swarovski® Crystals Swarovski® flat back rhinestones 2058 and 2088 are the NEW Enhanced Cut XILION Rose, improving on the already amazing Swarovski 2028 Flatback Rhinestone.

The features of Swarovski Rhinestones include: 
- Enhanced Brilliance 

-Improved Table Size 

-More Intense Colors through New Geometry 

Note: Please glue carefully.
Recommended glue: Brush On nail glue or Gem Gel
Please scroll down and choose your favorite size.