Soft silicone mold #01

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3D Silicone Molds are used to quickly and easily make decorations for your nails.

3D Nail Art Molds are made of top quality, flexible silicone rubber.  Easily create custom designs by being able to choose from Realistic gels or any Color acrylic such as neon or sparkling. 

3D Nail Art Molds are unique, easy to use and ideal for combining with other nail art techniques such as stones, dust and more. The molds are filled in with acrylic and allowed to harden into detailed three dimensional nail art pieces. Enables Nail Art designers to achieve top quality creations and get various three-dimensional decorations…

With JOHENS® quality control seal.

For professional use only!

L: 55mm / 2.20"

W: 45mm / 1.75"

H: 6mm / 0.25"

Color: Crystal clear