Rose Gold SD2

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This is a rose gold SUPER FINE powder that sparkles different colors and will add that dreamy rainbow effect to your nails. Use it over a white base for a rainbow AB effect or over black for a golden pink chameleon look.   this glitter can be used with nail polish, gel or acrylic. 

The highest quality cosmetic extreme micro size glitter you can find!

This glitter is 100% Cosmetic Grade in size and material ( safe for salon use )  

It is solvent resistant, which means it won't bleed or fade when working with gel or acrylic.

Recommended applicator brush here.

Sugaring Application:

  1. Apply base color (optional)
  2. Apply a layer of JOHENS® Top gel or Silk gel
  3. Cure with UV/LED lamp
  4. Apply a design of JOHENS® Créme color gel
  5. Sprinkle with glitter
  6. Shake off excess glitter
  7. Cure with UV/LED lamp
  8. Apply Johens Top gel on the tips or the entire nail (optional)
  9. Cure & done!

Gel Application:

  1. Apply base color (optional)
  2. Sprinkle with glitter
  3. Shake off excess glitter
  4. Cure with UV/LED lamp
  5. Apply JOHENS® Top gel on the tips or the entire nail (optional)
  6. Cure & done!

This color is in the Johens standard 2g (by volume) jar / approx. 1.2 g

It is extremely fine and looks amazing over pretty much any color you can imagine.

Made in USA

With Johens quality control seal.