Realistic Gel #03

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Realistic gel - Neon Orange Pink


UNIQUE formula !!!

Made in Usa

Cures in UV/LED light, so there is no need to rush like when using acrylic. Odourless. Any desired tone can be achieved by mixing the base colors and make unique ombre effects with the Realistic dust

A strong material, provides firm adhesion to the nail surface. Make blobs from the Realistic gel and create any 3D shapes, even on the Johens® mixing sheets.

Perfect Tip:
 The Realistic Silicone Brush and Fine Shader Brush allows for the easy shaping of even the most intricate details.

• remains easy to shape an unlimited period of time
• cures to rock solid
• allows for creativity

Cure time: UV 2-3 min., UV/LED 30-60 sec.

Creating decorations on the nail surface:

  1. Apply the material using a Realistic picker tool ; push the blob into the nail surface.
  2. Start shaping the material and creating the decorations with an Realistic silicone brush or Fine Shader brush. Use Realistic Essential on brush to create extreme smooth surface .
  3. When ready cure the decoration under lamp. The material turns matte when cured; no fixation or cover layer is required. Also cures on shiny surfaces ( use our Top Shine).

Fixing decorations made on the silicone sheet, to the nail surface:

  1. You can fix the ready and cured decorations on the nail at any time using Gem Gel (No Wipe glue gel).
  2. Cure the fixation.

 Perfect Tip: You can use Realistic Dust to create special Shadow effect on petals.( use Johens® Applicator brush or Fine Shader brush)

size: 6g / 0.21oz in Johens jar


color: Neon Orange Pink

With Johens quality control seal.

 Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.

For professional use only! Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if sensitivity or irritationoccurs. Avoid direct sunlight or extreme exposure to LED or UV lights.