Quick Forms - SHORT COFFIN / Full Cover - Cool Fusion System

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Quick Forms – working with Cool Fusion System or JOHENS® Builder gels can be even easier with the use of transparent Quick Forms, i.e. transparent tips. If you prefer to work on forms instead of working on templates, our forms are perfect for you.

New Short Coffin Shape help to create trendy shapes as salon regular size 

They allow creating the ideal shape, while transparency makes it easy for the light from the lamp to penetrate through them – the nail design is cured faster, both from the top and bottom.

The Quick forms are re usable and you will receive 120 pcs. in a box in a range of sizes to fit. (12 different size )

medium wide sizes 

With Johens quality control seal.


How to work with Quick Forms? Read our step-by-step guide!

1. Prepare the natural plate for a manicure.

2. Select the correct form size.

3. Cover the natural plate with our Supreme Bond and/or Base Gel and cure in a lamp.

4. Apply an appropriate amount of the selected Cool Fusion color to the form.

You can choose from 13 available variants: here

5. Apply to the natural nail.

6. Shape the free edge with a brush if is needed and cure in the lamp.

7. Remove the Dual form.

8. Use a file to shape the nail.

9. Apply any color you like and secure your design with Johens® Top Shine.