PREMIUM 3XL Coffin tips - Crystal Clear

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Johens® Professional Nail Tip - XXXL Coffin - PREMIUM

Longest Extra Long Coffin tips in the world !!!

43mm + the costumer natural nail plate length ( no the nails will be almost or more then 2 in long)

Extreme Clear ( perfect for tinted transparent nail art too)

Premium material /not a simple ABS tip/

Unbreakable (nail fold without line)

Halfmoon tips whit connection line 

We used special mold made to got a perfect arch with perfect trapped Coffin shape.

Special Extra long sizes ( longer than the Skinny Fit Coffin or the Premium Coffin tips)

- ultimate quality , super Clear tips as crystals

- more flexible at the connection part and firm at the free edge for strenght

- Optimal size of contact line for superior adhesive connection

Shape: Extra Long Coffin

Color: Crystal Clear

240 pcs./box - 12 different sizes 

used with the Strongest Crystal Clear resin ---> Johens® Brush On Nail Glue

with Johens® quality control seal

Made in USA