Nail Forms - Heavy Pro

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HEAVY Pro Nail Forms    (Exclusive Johens® Development) 
Heavy Pro forms is the newest innovation in the nail industry, they made with special layers to what provide easier application and perfectly keep the shape without fall off or deforming by customer movements or when you apply the materials on. Perfect for normal salon shapes or even any extreme shape as Stiletto , Coffin, Russian Almond, Pipe, Edge, Ballerina, Xtreme Butterfly .... 
All in One
They’re stronger, easier to apply and saves you valuable time while you work!
-Better and stronger adhesive allows you to affix them and quickly sculpt your nail enhancements.
-Thicker special layered material and non-stick top allows you to create secured basement to the enhancement , holds any angle perfectly, yet it is easy to shape.
-They are a perfect fit for all nail sizes.
-Easy to cut despite the thicker material
-Very sturdy and great length for any set.
-Adheres just right, without it being to sticky when removing.
-Pre-printed line designs ensures your enhancements are size consistent and decreases your nail sculpting time. We designed it with deeper smile line and stress point adjusting guide lines to assist your flawless and quick form application.
Comes in a 300 in roll or 50 count of nail forms.

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