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MIRROR Art Gel 4.5g Decoration Gel for Nail Art

Let me introduce you the BEST Chrome effect art gel in the world !!!


MIRROR Art Gel it's a special dense painting gel that born to be the BEST of chrome like art gels for Line Work, Scroll Work, Micro Embossing designs , or even One Stroke designs.

Special formula , rich of chromatic pigments with a perfect density for easily make any Scroll Work stokes or One Stroke designs.
Thanks to the unique formula let able to paint more sophisticated designs too as the all big European artist educators do.

This product is absolutely necessary if you are a Nail Artist!

The MIRROR Art Gel is the newest generation of Art gels, which can be used for painting Chrome  nail arts easily. Extremely high chromatic pigmentation, dense, which covers well and you can painting a very thin lines or micro embossing lines, as you even don't imagined . There is no time limit, you can work with it long as you'd like.

Use for Micro Embossing, Contouring, Scroll Work, One Stroke technique.
Do not apply to thick and this gel is not for full covering the whole nail surface. Just simply  use as art gels.
Cure time:  2-3 min in LED and UV light.
After cured please do not touch it , just simply apply Top Shine directly on the designs.
We do recommend to coat the finished designs with Colour It! Top Shine

For Professional use only!

Keep out reach of children.

Discontinue use if sensitivity or irritation occurs. Avoid direct sunlight or extreme exposure to LED or UV light.

Size: 4.5g / 0.2 oz

And if you need one more reason why to buy right now: 

+ 20% extra volume of gels was filled in the introducing batch as extra gift for you !!!
Available on limited time to the batch what we produced already.

Color: Silver - Chrome

Density level: 7/10 (lower number is the fluid like and higher number is the most density)

 Made in USA