Magic Flakes #3

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Johens provides new techniques, products, nail art trends so that you can offer the very best to your clients. A new hot trend is MAGIC FLAKES! It is easy to apply on natural or artificial nails.

These are breathtaking iridescent Magic Flakes that are very versatile! They are super easy to use, and lay perfectly flat on the nail.

 How to use:
1. Clean the surface of your nails .
2. Apply base coat ( white or black is recommended ).
3. Use eyeshadow stick to pick the flakes and apply it onto the nails.
4. Repeat the step untill you're satisfied with the effect.
5. Seal it with top coat.

 Color: green/bronze/gold/blue shift 

 Size: 1x in 2g (by volume) Johens jar / approx.: 0.15g 

With Johens quality control seal.

Professional use only, avoid contact with eyes.
Store in a cool place away from the sun. 

 Please note, due to differences in monitors/displays, pictures can vary in color.