Johens® Brush #11 * Zhostovo Exclusive

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Johens Zhostovo Exclusive brush is perfect and precise product that gives you plenty of new possibilities. This is the brush for nail stylists who are demanding of themselves and materials they work with. Discover the secrets and beauty of Zhostovo nail art.


Johens Zhostovo Exclusive brush, that can be used as a normal flat brush, as well as round in a perpendicular position to the surface. This is the best brush to achieve a transition effect from one color to another. Excellent for “Zhostovo” design, "Silk ", or any gel painting technique.

(Zhostovo is a Russian painting technique not only used for nails, but for all sorts of decoration. The name comes from the village ‘Zhostovo’ where this painting tradition has started centuries ago using oil paint. What makes the technique so typical is its specific brush strokes, for which you should use mimimum three layers of color.)

 It is Simply The Best precision tool for that Zhostovo technique design for small patterns on small nails.

Hair: Synthetic

Handle: Wood without lid

With Johens quality control seal.