Hello Summer! Glitter #09

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HELLO SUMMER! glitters

Color: Green with AB effect (Ultra sparkle)

The highest quality cosmetic extreme mixed size glitter you can find!

This glitter is 100% Cosmetic grade in size and material (safe for salon use) 

It is solvent resistant, which means it won't bleed or fade when working with gel or acrylic.

Recommended applicator brush here

Gel Application:

  1. Apply base color (optional)
  2. Sprinkle with glitter
  3. Shake off excess glitter
  4. Cure with UV/LED lamp
  5. Apply JOHENS® Top gel on the tips or the entire nail (optional)
  6. Cure & done!

This color is in the NEW JOHENS 10g (by volume) jar / approx 8 gram 

It is extremely fine and looks amazing over pretty much any color you can imagine.

Made in USA

With Johens quality control seal.