Glow In The Dark Stars

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Check out our Glow in the dark Stars!  These are shiny, 3mm or 5mm stars that glow in the dark. During the daylight they are the palest white w transparent light green shade color.

Glow stars must be "charged" using natural or artificial light.  Your nail lamp will charge the glow stars, but once your client leaves your shop, it can be charged with sunlight, or any artificial light.

Glow stars work well mixed into clear acrylic powder, encapsulated in hard gel or placed into gel polish and covered with a thicker viscosity topcoat.

These stars are all made with cosmetic grade films by PET and are solvent resistant, which means they won't bleed, fade when working with gel or acrylic.   

1x in 2g (by volume) Johens jar / approx.: 0.55g

With Johens quality control seal.