Johens® Brush #2 * Fine Lace - Detailer

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Johens Fine Lace- Detailer is flexible and a fine point brush Simply The Best gel brush for sophisticated gel decoration.

Our needle thin brush is designed to provide ease and control so that you can create the desired pattern and contour line with each brush stroke.

Johens synthetic brush is made out of the latest and most advanced synthetic material available in the market. Our brush has been developed and tested so that it does not absorb any of the pigmentation from the gel. The material in our brush doesn’t need any special cleanser for cleaning. You can either clean it by gently brushing onto a paper towel. Or you can use generic alcohol to remove the excess material.

Brush with lid as set

Color: White Platinum

Hair : Advanced Synthetic by Johens

All Johens brushes is Hand Made  unique masterpieces.

With Johens quality control seal.