Elastic Gel - Black

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Newest Formula !!!

Extra pigmented, Ultra flexible and stretchable decorative gel for perfect and thin lines

Johens® Elastic Gel – perfect to create spider webs, shattered glass and straight line looks. Use brush upward to create stringy looks. Its texture makes the application completely easy; so go on and create marvelous pattern designs!! It must be cured with UV or LED lamp.

Suitable for application on matte surfaces or apply a cover layer of no-fixation shine gel (e.g. Top Shine) on a finished nail, then draw the desired pattern with the Perfect Line brush.  Cure time: 2 minutes under UV lamps or 60 sec under LED lamps (use a light bulb of at least 36W)

Recommended brush ---> JOHENS®Perfect line brush


Soak Off gel

Color: Black

With Johens quality control seal.