E&GO Set

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E&Go Sets 

All in one / everything what you need in one set !!!

Bundle the best-sellers together and save.

This kit includes everything you’ll need to create stunning salon service that last 4 weeks or longer, plus : E&Go system is absolutely made for refillable service ( you don't have to soak off every time when your costumer come to the new appointment). Application is simple and with a little practice gets easier every time.

Set is come in two variations:

  • Set ONE: Salon Stiletto & Fancy Coffin 
  • Set TWO: Modern Almond & New Square

Set including:

E&Go Adhesive gel ( in our famous Colour It! bottle with soft hair brush for a hassle-free application) 13ml

Colour it! Top Shine (no wipe) 13ml 

- Colour it! Primer Gel (no wipe) 13 ml

-Two box of tips:

      Short size set: E&Go New Square and Modern Almond tips in box or

      Long Size set: E&Go Salon Stiletto and Fancy Coffin tips in box

- Johens® nail file 150/180 white

E&Go Flash Cure lamp (special made with strong led)    /battery not included/

E&Go e-File bit

E&Go set box

E&Go is a soak off gel system (pre-shaped Soft Shell tips + Adhesive gel) witch is the easiest nail extension at your fingertips!

E&Go Gel is new and improved 100% soak of gel and easily the most important material to own.

The renowned formula is provide the Best Adhesive results in the world !!!

The E&Go Gel secures the E & Go tips to the natural nail quickly and securely. This unparalleled E&Go Adhesive gel ensures that the tip won’t lift, crack, or pop off the natural nail for as long as four weeks. 

The E&Go Gel  and tips are formulated with soft-gel which means it is simple to remove by using Acetone or Tip Remover. 

 -All E&Go Gels and E&Go Tips are Soak Off  /Soaking time around 13-15 min

-UV 120sec /LED 60sec

With JOHENS® quality control seal.

For professional use only.

Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.

Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.