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Golden Touch from Johens®

Magnetic gel polish is the newest magic from Johens® COLOUR IT! 

 100% pure soak off gel

Colour it! Golden Touch Gel Polish brings fantastic and amazing bright look to your clients nails!

SUPER SPARKLING EFFECT – Brightest glam in the world 
( almost impossible to make photo from the nails)
Gel polish has more possibility and creativity, the effects depends on the magnetic stick you use and the way you use it.

Recommended magnetic sticks: - Quasar Extreme Magnetic Stick

with 100% self-leveling formula without shrinking effect.

The Newest Innovation in the Nail Industry in the world exclusively from JOHENS®

Made in USA

Formulated to coat and protect the natural nail COLOUR IT delivers ease of application along with maximum control. COLOUR IT is the perfect choice for a long lasting gel manicure or pedicure.

Benefits of COLOUR IT Gel Polish:

  • Doesn't dry or out the natural nail because it contains no solvents
  • Creamy consistency applies without running
  • Layers can be floated on & applied thicker to self-level for smooth even coverage 
  • Densely pigmented colors designed for the one coat coverage
  • No need to apply super thin does not wrinkle when curing
  • More economical - Full 13 ml bottles 
  • Highest quality of MICRO MAGNETIC PIGMENTS for unique colors that stay true
  • 100% gel offers more strength and durability than most half-polish hybrid gel polish
  • Easy soak off removal

Best used with our COLOUR IT base and top gels:

UV lamp: 2 minutes

LED lamp: 30-60 secs / depending on your lamp /

13 ml / 0.44 fl.oz

With JOHENS® quality control seal.

For professional use only.

Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.

Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.