Chrome Mirror

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Mirror Chrome (Silver color) powder 1g , in our exclusive JOHENS 2g size jar.

The best quality Chrome Mirror powder to create the highly sought after TRUE mirror chrome nails.

Looks best over black or any dark color.

 Use our Chrome Mirror powder to create a beautiful reflective chrome silver finish over any base color.

You will receive a jar with 1 gram of Chrome Mirror pigment. Jar will be full of pigment.

Apply over regular nail polish or gel nail polish. Special top coat needed for using with regular polishes.

All powders and pigments have different structure and finish so 1 gram of one powder can look less than 1 gram of another powder. 

For best results, this powder should be applied over a no-wipe gel topcoat JOHENS®Effect Base Gel and sealed with gel top coat. 


Apply base coat, then your choice of color.
Apply a layer of our JOHENS® Effect Base Gel, cure.
Use our silicone tool to buff a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface. 
Brush off excess powders off the nail and cuticle area.
Seal with gel top coat.

Size: 1g

With Johens quality control seal.