Bit Cleaning Pot

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Professional Bit Cleaning Pot with Info Label and Stainless Steel Kocher

White Luxury Pot, convenient way to disinfect your e-file bits. 

How to use:

Fill the base of cleaning pot with your disinfectant fluid, then add your bits into the straining pot, and put the straining pot into the base of the cleaning pot, close the lid and let your bits sit & disinfect work.

Use Info Label to present the proper disinfectant and work time. ( you can mark on label with any alcohol base inc marker pan as "sharpie')

So you can say WELCOME to the inspectors.

With our Professional tools you can avoid any trouble from Board Of Cosmetology or any other Inspection.

Set: 1x Cleaning Pot + 1x waterproof info Label to Barbicide® + 1x Info label to any other disinfectant + 1x stainless steel kocher

With Johens quality control seal.