Fine Detailer - Medium

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Fine Detailer from the MASTER e-file bit Collection

Exclusively from JOHENS®

Shape:  Straight needle (long skinny shape) with a double cut

Material : Premium Charcoal Ceramic


This razor sharp Fine Detailer bit is designed for precise salon work to cleaning products such as acrylic or hard gels from underneath and side wall area.  Made for e-files with a 3/32" collet closing mechanism. 

 The spiral teeth allow for shaving of the product rather than sanding.

This means there's very little heat when removing product and you can quickly remove old color to get on with the rest of the service! 

Sanitize and disinfect ceramic bits like any other standard carbide bit. 

This bit is great for all levels of nail techs, but is recommended for experienced e-filers because of its shape.

Remember a light touch is all that's needed when using professional e-files and bits. 

-one directional (for Right Hand use only)

With JOHENS® quality control seal.

For professional use only.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.

Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.

 All e-file bits may cause harm if used not properly. All e-file bits on this website are quality professional tools that are designed to be used by trained manicurists. If you do not know how to use e-file bits then please seek professional training. We are not responsible for damage using these e-file bits by people performing e-file manicures. You purchase this e-file bit knowing and understanding the dangers involved in tools