Allure of Glitters - Adhesive Top Gel ~ REFILL 45ml

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Allure of Glitters from COLOUR IT! Gel Polish System REFILL

Must Have item !!! 

This is the nail art Adhesive TOP GEL you've been waiting for! 

This is a light medium thick gel with adhesive effect to permanently install different decoration as glitters, small crystals,  studs, crystal dust and more.

100% Tack Free, High Gloss, Soak Off. 

Use it to create higher quality, longer lasting crystal , glitter or any sugaring effects on the nails .

Optimal bond for the long lasting designs

Equally important, it allows you to offer faster professional crystal service!

Designed to cure without shrinking or wrinkling and cures in 60 seconds LED or 120 sec UV and cures to a shiny tack-free finish.


After proper application of your gel color or polish and before you apply a top coat, apply a thin layer of Allure of Glitters adhesive top gel to the area where crystals are desired or even to the whole surface ( not cure it yet).

Apply the crystals or glitters to the area and press down into the Allure of Glitters adhesive gel, creating a bed for the crystal or glitters.

Cure for 60 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV. ( no add top coat needed it all )

Professional use only

Color: Clear

Size45 ml / 1.52 fl.oz

Made in USA