Master It! - 3 in 1 Master Gel Extension & E-File Class (Monday, May 17th)

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Master Gel Extension Class 1.   /   part 1. 

Salon Hypoallergenic Gel Extensions from the basic to the master

We will provide the Hypoallergenic gels, forms, tips, glue, and more during the class

Three main part of the education:

Extension with Form and tips - Extension with E&GO - Shape styling 

(9am- 5pm) Hands-On class with  3 CERTIFICATE 

Level Up your artistry with this High End education from the Best.

Henrietta Almasi will teaching you how to make master work nail service on your costumers to become the best nail artist in your town.

This is Your opportunity, altogether elevate your salon work to the Master level.

Education will including:

- Proper nail preparation (100% lifting free application)

- Advanced E-file manicure (preparation, shaping and European E- Manicure) .

You will receive a Certificate of Completion of JOHENS E-file training

(this part of the class is a include the protocol of European High Standard of safety)

- Form application (the proper form application on different nails)

- Tip application and corrections with any kind of tips

- Playful and easy gel application (almost file free application) You will receive a Certificate of Completion of JOHENS Pure Hypoallergenic Gel Pro Training.

- Luxury Cover pink usage (normal blending and reverse smile line)

- Baby Boomer technique with gel (beautiful ombre with pink & white)

- Shaping techniques (something, what will a game changer in all salon work)

- Soft gel tips extension with the newest technique (you will receive a Certification of Completion of E&GO training. Additionally you may receive a MASTER Certification if you show your master application to Henrietta during the class if you already used your set previously ( or if you are new to E&GO no worries after the class you can practicing and if you feel confident your application just send recorded video and if she confirming you are mastered it you can receive the Master level certification from us)

- Different Salon shapes : Almond (classic short) ,New Square, Premium Coffin, Gothic Almond (salon version of Russian Almond)

Pretty intensive class. But no worry, Henrietta is a professor of educators and she will assist you to be able to achieve your dream Nail Artist skills.

Game - changing education because She does guaranteed upgrade of your nail art skills.

Join this amazing nail art class in Portland, Oregon!

Location: Oregon Nail Event - Airport Sheraton Portland 

When: Monday, May 17th 9am - 5pm

What you have to bring: E-file, Uv/Led lamp, extension cord, your Flash Cure lamp if you have already

Used material list we will provide after your application

Must be licensed nail technician to attend or active student status.

NO refund at any time.

Transfer to other nail techs with at last two weeks notice are acceptable .(Please note we will bring a printed certificate to you so we need to know any change)