Master Nail Artist Private event / Class ~ Indianapolis, IN ~ October 14-19, 2023

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Master Nail Artist Private Week 

Johens Sisterhood's Event /JSE

Invitation only class (please contact with us before you purchase it)

We have an active waiting list, if you are interested become one of our sisters please send us an email: with a short information resume (including your social media platforms and license number) 

(JSE special 'fun and skill elevating' events for the Elite Nail Artist. A circle with your best friends where you can feel safe valued, and appreciated. To be invited you need a referral from someone of Johens Educator or Brand Ambassadors, and you must meet our main criteria: quality loving, passionate, supportive, that's it all.)

An exclusive special event for nail technicians who wish to gain the highest level of expertise in nail technology and achieve Johens Brand Ambassador or can be a pre qualification for Certified Instructor status. 

Support your dreams and your career with a week of transformation and creativity in nail art. At this special event you will create a complete a personalised nail art and advanced nail shaping portfolio with a world-class European master instructor.

This event is a private and a tailor-made course to ensure your success.


Indianapolis, Indiana 2023   ~  All Inclusive ( but you may order your food on your own if you are on special diet or you wish to eat something different what we eat)

Henrietta will held this class in her home and stay with you full time to support you. She will make your stay and this event an unforgettable experience and life changing keystone.

Breakfast : Intercontinental style

Lunch: Light meal to make sure we can focusing on our project :)

Dinner: Different foods catered by local restaurant and International Gourmet EU culinary tour by Henrietta :)


Special GIFT program at night:

One or two culinary classes from authentic Italian cuisine as a night out, and of course Italian imported wine if you feel like it :) Henrietta will cook and teach you how to prepare it, and together we will enjoy the result.

PS: With full recipes you will be able to recreate it at home to your loved ones.

The educational program is designed for technicians from medium experience till master level. Therefore, training takes place step by step: from the foundation trough the simplest to the most complex.
By the end of the class, you will have all the knowledge and skills of the highest skilled nail artist in hand painting, perfecting the structure of nail application, as well as, you will be able to incorporate customized business plans into your salon's operations to ensure that your salon is the most successful and profitable salon in the area.
And you will be invited to become the most educated mentor or an JOHENS Educator in the USA.

Please note:  JOHENS certified teacher will be required to have those knowledge of what will be taught during this event and after that we will one by one creating the whole custom education portfolio with you on an different time.

Limited spaces are available , maximum 6  !!!


Let's Magic Begins...

Date: 14-19 October 2023

Time: all day long (during the class we will keep break time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Location :  Indianapolis, IN/USA

WHAT TO EXPECT AT this class:

 (Sample Itinerary)

Saturday 10/14/2023 

Your dreams and goals, general analysis and designing your goals for success  (1pm-4pm)

(Academic level) Knowledge of materials and technology of our industry (4pm-7pm)

Dinner together (unlimited time, best way to know us each other)

Sunday 10/15/2023

Breakfast together (9am-10am)

Foundation of nail technology (10am- 2pm)

(demonstration and practice of proper applications and perfecting shapes)

Lunch together (1 hour)

Perfect look finish (3pm-7pm) 

(demonstration and practice of shaping and reshaping on refill with salon size nails )

Dinner together (unlimited time for joy)

Monday 10/16/2023

Breakfast together (9am-10am)

Gel Painting Salon art (10am- 2pm)

(demonstration and practice of fast salon designs focusing of the quality like perfect ombre with combinations of art scroll work)

Lunch together (1 hour)

Advanced Salon art (3pm-7pm) 

(demonstration and practice of Advanced Chrome arts with 3D, European style embossing arts, focusing on the "wow" factors )

Dinner together (unlimited time for joy)

Tuesday 10/17/2023

Breakfast together (9am-10am)

Special shapes with perfect structure (10am- 2pm)

(Artistic Stiletto)

Lunch together (1 hour)

Special shapes with perfect structure  (3pm-7pm) 

(Russian Almond with spectacular designs)

Dinner together (unlimited time for joy)

Wednesday 10/18/2023

Breakfast together (9am-10am)

Building a unique Nail Art portfolio with Advanced 3D effect gel art (10am- 2pm)

(creating new offers to your clients or students and tailoring the possibilities together for build up your planes to  increased your income )

Lunch together (1 hour)

Nail art Portfolio building with 3D realistic gel painting..  (3pm-7pm) 

(demonstration and practice of spectacular designs)

Dinner together (unlimited time for joy)

Thursday 10/19/2023

Breakfast together (9am-10am)

Special marketing tools of successful salon and classroom operating  (10am- 2pm)

(Build up your self confidences, earn full respect from your costumers mentored and coworkers, future goal planning )


 Master Artist Diploma 

You will learning from the best World Class Educator:

Our International ELITE Master Educator:

Henrietta Almasi / EU - USA

 What you will learning?

 Hand Painting with different art gels and gel polishes:

You will be studying unique and beautiful designs and work out the most important skills of artistic painting on fingernails.

  • Perfect brush strokes
  • swirls, lines

  • leaf and petals

  • contouring

  • Extreme thin line work

  • Roses deposit…

  • How to paint with different mediums 

  • How to draw gel swirls with embossing effect
  • Texture technique

  • Mini 3D jewelry
  • Mini one stroke
  • Mini silk gel art
  • Shadowing and Highlighting
  • Perfect ombre 
  • and more...


Structured Manicure and nail enhancement with gels and gel polishes:

You will be studying unique and fast techniques and work out the most important skills of balancing , shaping and high shine finishing on fingernails.

  • Perfect brush strokes
  • Europien shaping

  • Balancing and rebalancing

  • Corrections and special nail care

  • Extreme thin application work

  • Perfect preparation for no lifting

  • How to paint perfect Smile Line

  • Reverse cover pink technique
  • Advance shapes
  • professional e-file techniques
  • professional setup and protocols

  • and more...

Well, that is the most KEYSTONE education for all self employed nail pro in the WORLD !!!

What supply you will need  at class:

Please bring your tools and JOHENS brushes, e-file

We will provide during the class all materials. 

We will send you a list of the materials what we will using during the class. If you already have those,  you may bring it with you or you may buy them on the site at the shop corner too if you want.

No Model needed.

Payments:  $1250 / including accommodation and 3 times meal / day with us and of course coffee and tea time with snack 

The class payments non-refundable.


The event organizers reserve the right to change of the programs what cause any unexpected event.
The Event organizers reserve the right to refuse registration to anyone

We ask that you do not record any portion of class without permission ( recording or replicating prohibited, the whole education and the template are under ALMASI Trade Mark). We also ask that you do not bring any pets, friends, hand models, children, teens, husbands, translators, or photographers etc. Your ticket for class is solely for yourself and we do not have extra room to accommodate extras. Tickets are nontransferable .

The education will be in English