Henrietta's favorites Transfer foil collection

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Johens® proudly presents:

Henrietta Almasi's selection of favorites in one set with Silicone Wand PRO

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12 amazing transfer foils: HP2, HP3, HP36, HP40, HGL2, HGL9, D2, BL11, P7, P11, SC6, WL4 + Johens® Silicone Wand PRO 

Our Transfer foils are 38 cm/15 inches in an amazing, elegant package with Johens  quality control seal.

 Gel instructions:
- Apply base coat and cure.
- Apply base color and cure (optional)

- Apply Johens® Transfer Gel and cure 

- After curing, while the gel is matte and sticky, press the foil, shiny side up onto the nail to transfer the pattern, and then peel off the foil.
- Seal off with a layer of topcoat, shiny or matte for a different look, and cure.

Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.